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Sgriob-ruadh Farm

Sgriob-ruadh Premium Whey Vodka

Sgriob-ruadh Premium Whey Vodka

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Our pure 40%ABV Isle of Mull Spirit - no botanicals or added flavour.

Sample bottles available.

Natural and sustainable - borne of the land.  Sgriob-ruadh is our family farm.  From the grass our cows eat; to the natural energy we get from the wind, rain and fire, to our spring water - our circular economy means everything we produce is raised, grazed and matured here on Mull.  Every element combines to create the unique Isle of Mull Spirit, lactose-free and full of natures subtle flavours

Real Island Spirit in a Glass

Distilled for a smooth, rich and full-bodied flavour.  Experience notes of sweet vanilla, nutty chocolate and a hint of creaminess.

Enjoy a glass of the finest Scottish spirit made from the land, with complete yet delicate flavours that will linger on you tongue.  Best served over ice for a full exploration of flavour, but also bold enough to be enjoyed neat.

Pairs perfectly with our Farmhouse cheese.

Created, Distilled & Bottled at:

Sgriob-ruadh, Isle of Mull, PA75 6QD

How it's Made

We make our Isle of Mull Spirits from the spent whey from our cheesemaking.  The whey has been a by-product for the nearly 50 years we have made cheese - but the whey contains almost all of the wonderful sugar from the milk, which we have used to make into alcohol, and then distilled to make out wonderful spirits.  Making use of a great by-product, to continue our aim of using of all the natural resources we have available to us.

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    Sgriob-ruadh is an open farm. You can can and visit at most times. During the winter months the café and shop are only open a few days a week. The Farm never stops though.