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Sgriob-ruadh Farm

Isle of Mull Traditional Farmhouse Cheese

Isle of Mull Traditional Farmhouse Cheese

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Our traditional farmhouse Isle of Mull Cheese has been made by our family since 1980.

A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Farmhouse Cheddar, Isle of Mull is drier in texture than other Cheddars with flavours that are upfront, richly savoury and boozy.

Made with raw cow's milk and using animal rennet. Clothbound and matured for 10-16 months to create this full bodied artisan cheese. 

Additional Information

  • Best Before dates are 90 days from the date we cut the cheese. Cutting the cheese usually only takes place a few days before the order is posted. - All weights are approximate.
  • All sizes are cut, by hand, from our whole 25kg Isle of Mull Farmhouse cheeses. For this reason it is hard to get exact weights of cheese.

Small wedge : 180g to 240g
Medium wedge : 350g to 410g
Large Wedge: 720g to 830g
1/16th 24kg cheese : 1.4kg to 1.7kg
1/8th 24kg cheese : 2.8kg to 3.4kg
Whole Mull 24kg : 23kg to 26kg

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    Sgriob-ruadh is an open farm. You can can and visit at most times. During the winter months the café and shop are only open a few days a week. The Farm never stops though.